Change the Level of Protection in the Outlook Junk Email Filter?

Have you tired from the unwanted emails? Or does your inbox full of unusual emails in Outlook and now you are looking for any method or feature to directly move the spamming emails in Junk Email Folder.

What is Outlook Junk Email Filter?

Junk email filter in Microsoft Outlook works as a filter layer to fight against spam emails. It protects your inbox from the unwanted emails and moves them direct into the "Junk Email Folder".

Note : Junk Email Filter option deal with the incoming messages if it finds spam from one of them on the base of various factors like content, time etc.

How to Set Junk Email Filter in MS-Outlook?

Junk email filter option can easily apply by following the simple steps:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and go to the"Option" under the "Tools" menu.
  • In the "Preferences" tab, make a click on "Junk E-mail" option under the E-mail section.
  • By clicking on "Junk E-mail" option, a new pop-window will appear (with option tab).
  • Just apply a protection level for spam emails by selecting one of the options.

Level of Junk Email Protection

By default, junk email protection always turned with "Low" protection level. But a user can set the level of junk email protection as per their requirement in MS-Outlook. Let's discuss more about the several kinds of protection level of Junk Email.

Microsoft Outlook endows four types of layers or levels for filtration of spam emails in Outlook:

  • No Automatic Filtering: No automatic filtering means there is no any layer to filter incoming emails in Outlook or Junk email protection is turned off. In such case, mails will only shift on to the junk email folder if it is added in the blocked sender list.
  • Low: As it has been discussed that this is the default level of protection level of junk email in Outlook. In Low level, MS-Outlook scans the most spam email from the list.
  • High: High level of protection used when a large number of emails affects to your Outlook's inbox.
  • Safe Lists Only: As the name is defining that this option deals with the unsafe sender list or blocked list emails and pretend that emails as junk emails.

junk email option

These levels work with an algorithm to identify the junk emails and move them into junk the email folder, but if sometimes spammers and particular selective email address try to send unwanted mails. In such case you should use Block sender List which as well comes under the "Junk Email Option".

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