How to Make Outlook Faster?

There are several features due to which Microsoft Outlook is considered as a topmost email client all around the world. But under distinct unwanted situations, the performance of MS Outlook goes down and to deal with such unwanted circumstances, a user may need to follow some common practices. This set of tips can reduce risk of data loss and boost Outlook performance.

Optimize Outlook Speed by following given methods:

  • Keep Windows OS Updated: Frequent updates of Windows OS and applications based on it (like Microsoft Outlook) are sometimes become responsible of their performance and glitches also. A user should continuously update Outlook and Exchanges if there any relevant updates are launched by Microsoft lately. Most of the time it has found that Outlook users encounters problems just because they did not update their Outlook with recently revealed patches.
  • Keep Inbox Data Archived: For acquiring better functionalities along with the speedy work of Outlook it is suggested to keep PST information archived instead of letting emails into a single Outlook PST file (default). Always keep older emails in a separate archive folder so that default PST file will be no longer affected in the context of size and does not show any issue while searching or indexing emails through folders.
  • Enable Cached mode of Outlook: Caching mode usually appears on the screen when Outlook is connected to an Exchange Server. When the cached mode is enabled, it basically creates a cached version of Outlook emails in a data file that makes the task of synchronization much easier during the next connection.
  • Compact/Compress PST File: This function act on the size of Outlook PST data file and reduce its size so Outlook can be executed in a faster manner. An Oversized PST file generates bunch of issue and dumb Outlook working is one of them. To optimize Outlook speed, compact features can be an optimal choice. It deletes free white space presented in the Outlook Data file and optimize Microsoft Outlook performance.
  • Free Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool: It has capability to eliminate Outlook errors and removes the inaccessibility of Outlook PST file. Errors in Microsoft Outlook slow down its working & performance and can be a troublesome if it is not fixed within a specific time duration. Also bear in mind that before running SCANPST repair tool, you should have a complete backup of the entire database. Actually, having a backup of Outlook PST Data file gives an additional copy of data file in case when there has risk of data loss or corruption while repairing the PST file.
  • Disable Third Party Add-ins and RSS: Synchronizing a big list of Outlook RSS feeds from the browser to the Outlook account using the RSS feed feature can slow down MS Outlook performance. Either disable the unnecessary RSS feeds, which is no longer readable for you or disable entire synchronizing mechanism. Add-ins or Third party plug-ins are another most common problem for Outlook users that freeze Outlook and sometimes do no allow the user to open it. Open Outlook in safe mode and disable them first, if you encounter any issue caused by this.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Items: Published calendar and contacts amongst users over a network should remove from Outlook as it consumes the storage space of the mailboxes. When Outlook switches to scan these items from the internet, then automatically the speed of the email client gets slow down.

To retain Outlook speed and boost outlook performance, the given above measures should be implemented. In case, if these practices do not help to keep Outlook performance intact, then it is required to use a commercial PST repair Tool that can offer ease to get back Outlook data in healthy mode without damaging the working order of Outlook.